Military Arrests James Comey

The U.S. military has arrested disgraced former FBI Director James Comey on charges of treason, sedition, obstruction of justice, and aiding and abetting persons actively involved in criminal behavior, Real Raw News has learned.

Donald J. Trump greenlit the Tuesday morning raid on Comey’s lavish, suburban home after speaking to Marine Corps Col. John Lynch, commanding officer of the Marine Raider regiment at Camp Lejeune, North Carolina. Col. Lynch committed at least two 4-man squads to the mission, said a confidential source involved in Trump’s quest to depose Joseph Biden and restore America to the people.

On Tuesday at about 3:00 a.m., U.S. Marines operating on Donald Trump’s authority stormed Comey’s seven-bedroom, 10,700-sqaure-foot mansion in McClean, Virginia. Although most operational details are classified, our source said Raiders surprised Comey, who was half-asleep in bed, and apprehended him after he reached for a pistol underneath a pillow. Before he could palm the weapon, a Marine charged forward and struck Comey’s forehead with the butt of his rifle, rendering Comey unconscious.

“Trump’s people had digital surveillance on the Comey residence for quite a long time. They knew Comey’s wife, Patrice, would be out of town on personal business, and none of the kids would be around visiting. Trump’s been anticipating this moment a long time; it’s a day of reckoning,” our source said.

Trump, our source added, had authored a sealed indictment on Comey shortly after firing him on May 9, 2017. He had obtained irrefutable evidence proving that Comey, an Obama holdover, had been on Clinton’s payroll and, on her authority, tried to slander the president by linking the Trump campaign to Russian interference in the 2016 election. Moreover, Trump had obtained a 2015 audio recording in which Comey told Hillary Clinton he would “do whatever it takes, no matter what” to scuttle Trump’s bid for the presidency. Additionally, Trump learned that Comey’s faux investigation into Clinton’s handling of confidential emails was merely for effect, optics to avoid the appearance of impropriety and bias.

“Comey is criminal scum. He doesn’t have a modicum of decency. Trump also has the goods on him for wiretapping Trump Tower. Comey’s been taken to a secure holding pending transportation to GITMO, where he’ll face a military tribunal. One thing that’ll come out is that when Comey got hold of Anthony Weiner’s laptop, he found videos of Huma Abedin and Hillary Clinton doing some pretty terrible things to kids. Comey kept that info from the public, probably at Clinton’s request,” our source said.

In closing, we asked our source why, with so many arrests dropping, family and friends of the accused haven’t complained to CNN or MSNBC about their loved ones being abducted in the dead of night.

“The only explanation is the Deep State is keeping them silent,” our source said. “If it became officially known that people like Clinton, Podesta, Abedin, and now Comey have been nabbed by the military, it would weaken the Deep State’s hold on society—because it would show they are losing. And the Deep Staters always want to give the appearance of winning. They won’t be able to for much longer.”

SOURCE: Military Arrests James Comey – best news here

23 responses to “Military Arrests James Comey

  1. Arthur Aboumrad

    This can’t be true. Is it? And Clinton, Podesta, and Abedin? And how is this authorized by Trump?
    This sounds like something from the Bee or Onion.
    Or just the wish list of half the country.


    • I wondered too but Marjorie Taylor Greene sent this to General Flynn on Telegram.


    • There is zero % chance this is real. Beware of sites like this. If this actually happened, the story would be everywhere. What you really need to figure out is, “WHY would this website lie to you using this particular lie?”


  2. I think someone is putting out ridiculous stories like another website saying Hilary being arrested and convicted, in Gitmo waiting to hang. Come on these have to by someone with a warped sense of morbidity. I’m surprised this is on this website


  3. Hillary Clinton to be executed Mon, Apr 26, 2021 after Taps.
    Biden gotten rid of May 31, 2021.
    Pres. Trump to be inaugurated July 4, 2021


  4. Everyday Truth

    FAKE NEWS. Moderators PLEASE REMOVE this story. It is a complete fabrication.


  5. James W. Jeter Sr.

    The Cabal is going down soon all over the world .


  6. Hello. I want truth and I love America!
    Straight facts! Good or bad!!


  7. comey is in prison. clintons were executed. read the list arrested and executed at gitmo by military tribunel. media can not go to the tribunel. onlt trustworthu journalist can thats why you don,t kow but its all out there if you spend time researchin. you will be surprise of what you find.


  8. How can any peasants know what the royals are doing? I want to know truth … good or bad.


  9. I know how you feel. If this is not true yet I’m going to file it under “truth told in advance”.


  10. Why can’t this be true. The media is cabal left . Common sense says they don’t want Americans know the truth. Good grief look at what they have done so far. Trump sign all kinds of orders before the election given power over to the military. He never conceded, the ceromy for biden 1.20.2021 wasn’t real. Where was the 21 salute, biden supposedly was president but wasn’t able to get into white house, no passing of baton so say, harris didn’t swear on bible there was another book on top of bible, biden actually sworn in virtual days before, etc, the high wall and guards. All was not right. If pres. Trump isn’t president then why is the left so afraid of him that they try to take him out. Why is the media left trying to keep him sensor not able to speak, why do a second impeachment when isnt president. Everthing isn’t adding up here folks. The left is going to make sure the American people dont know. They control media etc. Dont want anyone to know they stolen the election to control you,, us,, Take blinders off and question everthing ask yourself questions.

    Liked by 1 person

  11. Its already over. The alliance is allowing the “movie” to play out to try to bring the sleepwalking population out of their brainwashed reality with minimal casualties and bloodshed. Even those who know will be shocked at the depth of corruption that goes far beyond politics. WWG1WGA. Peace and love.

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  12. The site this originally came from has a disclaimer on their “about us” section. It says their stories could contain, humor, parody, and satire. Why would anyone have a site like that? In other words, “Do not believe what we write…” Jerks!


  13. It’s from Look at the “about us” section.


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