The media would rather not talk about the black nationalist who just killed a Capitol police officer

According to none other than the New York Times, the man who attacked police at the Capitol building on Friday was a follower of “black nationalist” ideology a la Louis Farrakhan.

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So, in case you’ve been wondering why there is so little media focus on the particulars of the fatal incident from just three days ago, there’s your answer.

The story itself hasn’t disappeared from the news cycle. But you’ll notice that interest at CNN, MSNBC and elsewhere is not on the attacker himself, identified by police as 25-year-old Noah Green, but on the rioting of Trump supporters three months ago.

“Wow!” you say. How do they manage turning a would-be killing spree by a black nationalist into a story about Trump supporters?

Well, because like the attack on Friday, wherein Gray slammed his car into two cops before lunging at them with a knife and being shot dead, the rioting on Jan. 6 also happened at the Capitol. And unlike the incident on Friday, the rioting, according to the media, is about white supremacy.

Ah-ha! Now we’re talking!

Of course, the rioting was not actually about white supremacy, but one cop from that day claims he was called the n-word, so that’s all the media need to say it was. And there’s nothing they love talking about more than some looming threat of white supremacy that they swear is on the rise.

So, instead of talking about Green and his formal legal efforts to adopt an Islamic name, or that he was an avid follower of known anti-Semite Farrakhan, cable news anchors and commentators at CNN and MSNBC are devoting air time to “security concerns” at the Capitol.

CNN’s Kate Bolduan on Monday began a segment on Friday’s episode declaring, “this latest attack is raising concerns, renewing security concerns at the Capitol.”

An hour before that, Poppy Harlow introduced a segment on the “ongoing security gap” at the Capitol.

During that same program, Jim Sciutto began yet another segment with on the “growing concerns this morning about security at the U.S. Capitol.”

It was the same on MSNBC, where anchor Hallie Jackson Monday morning began a segment noting that “officials on the Hill [are] trying to figure out what happens next for security.”

Earlier on MSNBC’s Morning Joe, Congressional Correspondent Kasie Hunt presented a news package on the “fear that the Capitol will continue to be a target.”


Here’s a mental exercise: Had Noah Gray been a Trump fanatic rather than a follower of Farrakhan, would our media be homing in on the abstract issue of “security” at the Capitol?

Now that you’ve stopped laughing, you can answer. Of course not. It would be wall-to-wall coverage of racism, bigotry and white nationalism, which would then of course be blamed squarely on President Trump. When the media thought the shooter in Atlanta who targeted Asian spas could be made out to be a white supremacist, they wouldn’t shut up about white racism in America. Then all the evidence came out, and it turned out the shooter was just a mentally unwell pervert who specifically said he was motivated by sex, not race, to go on his rampage. The media rapidly lost interest after that.

Unfortunately for the media, they weren’t handed a white supremacist this time, either. They were given Gray. But, hey, back to those “security concerns.”

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Original Author: Eddie Scarry

Original Location: The media would rather not talk about the black nationalist who just killed a Capitol police officer

The media would rather not talk about the black nationalist who just killed a Capitol police officer (

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