Clarence Thomas Turns The Tables On Liberals – He Just Gave Supreme Court His Gameplan To Stop Censorship

Clarence Thomas Turns The Tables On Liberals – He Just Gave Supreme Court His Gameplan To Stop Censorship

What’s Happening:

Clarence Thomas is a respected and accomplished American icon. And while, in the past, he’s let his rulings speak for him—he has become more vocal in recent days.

The conservative justice is fighting to keep America in one piece. He is clearly concerned with the blatant censorship that has been going on in the past year

If America is to remain free, every citizen’s free speech must be protected.

So, Thomas is providing a roadmap to put censorship moves to an end.

From Protocol:

Justice Thomas is laying out an argument for why companies like Facebook, Twitter and Google should be regulated as utilities…

Thomas argues that some digital platforms are “sufficiently akin” to common carriers like telephone companies…

Thomas argues that while private companies aren’t subject to the First Amendment, common carriers are unique to other private businesses in that they do not have the “right to exclude.” Thomas suggests that large tech platforms with substantial market power should be bound by the same restrictions.

Justice Thomas is suggesting that large social networks should be treated as “utilities,” much like telephone carriers.

What would this do? It would designate social networks as providing the infrastructure necessary for Americans to communicate.

Under those conditions, it would be unlawful for a social network to censor or deprive an American of the right to speak based on their political opinions.

Think of it this way: can the telephone company block you from making a phone call, just because they disagree with your opinions?

No, you’d say that would be ridiculous. Then why should Twitter or YouTube have the power to block someone, because they “violated” their unclear community rules?

We all know about social networks that kicked people off because they were conservative. Donald Trump being the most notable one.

But if social networks are declared utilities like a phone company, they would not have the power to censor Americans.

Other leaders have previously suggested this solution to the ongoing censorship problem. With someone like Clarence Thomas floating this idea, we are one step closer to that becoming a reality.

All it might take is for the Supreme Court to rule that social platforms are public utilities that cannot infringe on Americans’ constitutional rights.

But that would require the right case and the right cause to do so.

Do you want the Supreme Court to end the censorship of conservatives?

Key Takeaways:

  • Clarence Thomas weighed in on the censorship problem online.
  • He suggested that social networks should be designated “public utilities” like phone companies.
  • Under those conditions, they would not be allowed to ban someone from their networks.

Source: Protocol

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