The time is here for many of us to start learning why our country is in the sad shape it is in. The work to fix it is approaching soon.

I have added this video into the explanations page in case you need to educate others, then just direct one of your friends, relatives or even enemies into the “Explanations Page”.

At one point you can see one of my few TV heroes, Dylan Ratigan’s, famous rant, one of them, that got him kicked out of TV. His show helped kick me on to this journey. I used to watch his afternoon show, 4 pm or so, as often as I could. His show was the most watched show in the afternoon, and viewership was rising fast. From 2009 to 2012, Ratigan hosted The Dylan Ratigan Show, the highest-rated non-prime time show on MSNBC, aimed at critiquing what Ratigan described as an unholy alliance between big business and government. His first book, Greedy Bastards, was released in 2012, and spent five consecutive weeks on The New York Times Best Sellers List. So why did they fire him?????? You guessed it, he was telling the truth. You are not supposed to do that in the Lame Stream Media.

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