Juan says Biden will be sworn in but we will prevail. Take a deep breath and trust God.

Streamed live 7 hours ago

This from a friend:


After listening to the video below by Juan O Savin, you will realize what the White Hats are going to doing. A week or so ago, after listening to a Tore video, I did conjecture that the “Treaty of Two Paths” might be implemented. For those of us who were trained somewhat on this subject, reach back into the cobwebs and remember what we were told. This is what will initially happen.

The irony is making me quake. This is sooo Trump and White Hats. The Cabal will have a fiefdom of 10 square miles for a moment in time, a land so evil, covered with their Babylonian artifacts and symbology, along with 20% of the brain-dead populous as their slaves, while the rest of us walk out of the shackles they created in our minds, being free at last!

The FICTION is about to collapse, the curtain will fall, their power will evaporate, and they will all be standing there, naked. When in a flash, they will realize that all the centuries of planning and killing and destroying were for naught, as they find themselves, in the ultimate twist of fate, a zero-sum- game, having been”Trumped,” culminating in a winner-take-all scenario, the loss of everything, and a one-way, all expense paid expedition to GITMO!

After 11 years, we are going to see the fruits of our labor. Listen to Juan……….LOL, LOL!

One response to “Juan says Biden will be sworn in but we will prevail. Take a deep breath and trust God.

  1. I don’t know yet, what video by Jennifer?? I want to see it too.


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