Watch “Raffensperger Faces ESPIONAGE Charges!” on YouTube

2 responses to “Watch “Raffensperger Faces ESPIONAGE Charges!” on YouTube

  1. The only thing about which I am confident is that the traitors in BOTH parties will continue their efforts to destroy America UNLESS they are executed for Treason. Anything less will mean America will be destroyed with no probable way to restore our Republic.

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    • Trumps first 4 years were spent in spotting and finding out who the real culprits are. This election debacle could have been stopped long ago but it is being allowed to run it’s course as it will expose more people on the other side of the fence, especially the RINOs. Never interfere with the enemy when he are busy destroying himself. Trumps second term will be the clean up time. We need to pray for him.


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