Covid-1984 and the Agendas to Come with James Perloff – Forbidden Knowledge TV

Spiro Skouras is joined by author, journalist, James Perloff, to reflect on our annus horribilis. I know Perloff from his extensive work on 9/11. I was interested to learn here that he started writing for the New American way back in 1985 and that he has just now retired after nearly 40 years as a Registered Nurse, so he brings his decades of experience in the healthcare industry and in parapolitical research to bear on his observations of the Scamdemic.

As Spiro notes, the media and the governments around the world have been exploiting our normalcy bias to have us believe that all of what’s happening is by chance and that we must all obey their mandates to mitigate the “crisis”.

The two explore what is clearly a pre-planned agenda to usher in a New World Order of social credit, transhumanism and mass depopulation, as James Perloff shares information from his new book, entitled ‘COVID-19 and the Agendas to Come, Red-Pilled’.

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