Send a letter to Donald J. Trump at White House.

10 responses to “Send a letter to Donald J. Trump at White House.

  1. It’s time to give up on Trump acting “presidential “. How about we just request that he starts acting like a decent human being who cares more about the people in his country than he does for himself? Good grief. What a big baby.


    • He cares more about you and I than any one before him. Fake news is not going to tell you the truth. Read some other articles here and you may find out some wonderful things that he is doing for You and I. He is continuing the work that President Kennedy started, Reagan continued and now Trump is going to finish it. Bring back the wonderful Country we used to have.


    • Bet you were a fat baby ….. grow up and get a life ……. maybe china, because it sounds like that is where you would be your happiest


  2. patricia ann strunk



  3. Theresa Hulchanski


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  4. Justin Boatright

    President Trump Thank you so much for leading this fight between Good and Evil. You remind me of Samson in the bible. He was rough around the edges, like you,
    but God still used him to accomplish his will. America is a country that used to put God first, fairness, justice, humility, and love have been lost. Hold Strong President Trump God choose you to lead this religious rebellion against the establishment. Your personality is what was needed, a stand firm no bull kind of business mind we needed. Please sign the Insurrection act so we can finally put an end to all the corruption. Personally, I can’t wait for the smoke to clear and we see all the news media liars in jail for spreading misinformation, which to me is domestic terrorism at it’s finest. God will prevail and Biden will never be President.


  5. Here is what President Trump did for me today, Jan 16, 2021:
    I was out of meds and went to Cub to pick them up. I have been an insulin using Diabetic for going on 11 yrs. My costs for my 2 kinds of insulin has cost me between $1600-$1700.00 for a three month supply. It’s daunting to say the least. Thanks to President Trump dealing with Big Pharma my cost today for my insulin and my oral meds was
    N O T H I N G….😲….
    I almost cried at the pharmacy window. NEVER in my life have I walked out of a pharmacy without a huge chunk taken out of my checking account.
    I want to personally thank President Trump for this for me and so many others who will have the same blessing I just had. So many have died because they couldn’t afford to buy their insulin or have had to cut back on it and that can cause serious and/or deadly complications..
    This action President Trump enacted was amazing. This is the man the Dem’s love to hate, this is the man who is evil in the sight of so many, however, their sight is blinded by their hate for him. How pitifully sad is that. President Trump…….thank you for the bottom of my heart. You did so much for this country and I sincerely pray all that good isn’t destroyed by the incoming team. God bless you always, a thought and prayer from so many. ..


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