The October 19, 2020 Lost Horizons Newsletter

Have You Been Tolerant Of Lockdowns And Mask Mandates?

Would you continue to be if you learned that only a few thousand Americans have died of C19, and even many of that small number could have been saved by a treatment used worldwide but effectively banned in the USA?

SO, I HAVE BEEN CONTINUOUSLY MYSTIFIED AND DISMAYED FOR MONTHS at the persistent failure of nearly the entire CtC community to notice the complete and dispositive debunk of the COVID-19 (C19) rationale for the gutting of the rule of law in America that I have, since March, been steadily assembling, posting and reposting. That debunk assemblage makes unmistakably clear that actual American fatalities from C19 have been vanishingly small.

In fact, that fatality total amounted to fewer than 100 during the pre-“lockdown” period from December of 2019 to mid-March, 2020 in which millions of Americans were infected– as is very quietly acknowledged by even the CDC itself.

Plainly, this case fatality rate (CFR) didn’t even remotely justify the “lockdowns” and mask-mandates and “social distancing” impositions which followed. Plainly, this CFR puts the lie to claims that these “mitigations” (and eventually vaccines) are necessary, now and in the future.

But no one is even talking about these eyewash-clearing facts.

I have had to entertain the disturbing possibility that the vast majority of even this CtC-educated community– which more than any other on the face of the Earth must recognize that government officials lie to citizens in service to their own, private, self-serving agendas without qualm or scruple– has drunk the “pandemic” hobgoblin Kool-Aid and suffers conditioned cognitive dissonance when coming upon disputations of the “official narrative”.

Or, I must fear, the community is too bruised and benumbed by the panic-propaganda attack to bestir themselves in resistance and denunciation.

I find these possibilities frightening.

THERE IS ANOTHER, HAPPIER POSSIBILITY, though. This less dire alternative is that somehow my presentations of the first (and most important) set of facts in the connect-the-dots assemblage has been less than it needs to be in order to be properly understood, or at least rapidly taken-in. Getting hung up at the get-go when presented with material so contrary to the relentless drumbeat narrative of the ubiquitous panic-mongers will understandably stop a reader dead in his or her tracks.

Against that more optimistic possibility, I am going to try a new presentation, below, with the building blocks reassembled and restated.

PLEASE READ THROUGH THE FOLLOWING BULLET-POINT LIST. Then proceed to the remainder of the material at the link provided below.

  • Both the 2019-2020 seasonal flu and COVID-19 (C19) originated in East or Southeast Asia.
  • The flu appeared in October of 2019 (see this CDC graphic— week 40 is the beginning of October), and C19 began spreading in November of 2019 (see here and here).
  • Both arrived in America (and everywhere else) with travelers from the area of origin or from places where someone from the area of origin had gone.
  • The vector (spread) mechanics of both diseases is the same (but with C19 being more aggressive, more persistent and with a longer contagion time for an infected carrier).
  • With fully a billion travelers flying during the months of November, 2019 to March of 2020, and with no restrictions in place of any kind on entry to the USA before the end of January, 2020 (and then only on travelers direct from Wuhan, and only those who were not American citizens), C19 MUST have entered the USA early in the 4+ month period of November, 2019 to March, 2020, and MUST have tracked (and most likely exceeded) the spread rate of the seasonal flu.
  • With the CDC figuring that 38-54 million flu infections happened in America between October, 2019 and March, 2020, and in light of the foregoing facts, there MUST have been many millions of C19 infections in America between November 2019 and March of 2020.

Let that sink in, please. There MUST have been many millions of C19 infections in America between November 2019 and March of 2020. All but the very last of those– which means millions and millions of infections– ran their course from beginning to end before mid-March, 2020. The total number of C19 fatalities during that period is only 97.

That’s right, 97. See the CDC’s report to this effect here; it is the column on the left, in bold, that lists “all deaths involving COVID-19”.

MILLIONS of infections, running their course from start to finish, yielding only 97 fatalities. I know, this is so much at odds with the sustained, delivered, drumbeat narrative that it almost prompts a mental hiccup making it invisible and instantly forgotten, right? “That can’t be right!” you mutter to yourself…

But it IS right. You opened and examined the documentation at all the links above, didn’t you? If you still have doubts, check any source you like.

NOW GO HERE AND READ EVERYTHING!!! Then spread it around and talk it up like your liberty depends upon it, ’cause trust me, IT DOES.


P.S. NOW THAT YOU’VE RETURNED TO THIS PAGE after reading everything at that link above and sending the link to everyone you can– with an explanation and powerful exhortation to them to read, share, and then beat down the doors of their local newspapers and radio and TV stations insisting that the truth replace the lies– I have one other thing to share with you on a related note:

At a meeting of a local activist organization this past Monday, Dr. Samuel T. Fawaz, who heads a team in internal medicine at Beaumont Hospital in the northwest suburbs of Detroit, addressed the group. He urged a common-sense, panic-free recognition that C19 is in no way the dire plague it has been made out to be, and passed along his own observations as a healthcare professional dealing with the real manifestations of the disease.

I asked him about his experiences treating with hydroxychloroquine/azithromycin/zinc.

Dr. Fawaz reported having successfully treated more than two hundred patients himself with the remedy. He also knowledgeably disparaged the designed-to-fail “clinical trials” of the treatment at neighboring organizations such as the Henry Ford health system.

Dr. Fawaz then made one other very interesting point which I think very much worth passing along. Observing that Central Africa has been puzzling everyone all year with its remarkably low C19 fatalities (see for instance, Central African Republic, population 4.7 million, C19 deaths so far: 62; Chad, population ~14 million, with C19 deaths so far of only 92); or Nigeria, population 206 million, with C19 deaths of only 1,116— all figures as of October 16, 2020), the doctor pointed out that in that part of the world, very high numbers of people routinely take hydroxychloroquine (HCQ), or a close variant thereof, prophylactically and as a treatment against malaria.

My follow-up research shows the same remarkably low number of C19 deaths in the one major malaria (and therefore routine hydroxychloroquine) hotspot outside of Central Africa: Papua New Guinea. There, amongst a population of 9 million– 1,188,000 of whom rub shoulders in urban populations centers– there have been only 578 confirmed cases of C19 and a total of 7 deaths (as of 10/16/20).

How about that…



On The “Income” Tax Front…

A fine new CtC-educated victory; a dodgy change in Form 4852; and an entertaining evasion by the IRS of an interesting FOIA request.

STEVEN AND TIA WARD have just secured a nice CtC-educated victory over the long-running “income” tax misapplication scheme. This law-respecting Texas couple claimed and received the return of everything that had been taken from them by Uncle Sam during 2019 under the self-serving and erroneous assumption that Steven and Tia’s earnings were from privileged, tax-relevant activities.

Steven and Tia filed their claim in mid July per the special calendar adopted during the “COVID-19” panic-attack. Just ten days ago they received their complete refund of Social security, Medicare and all, along with more than $1,000 in interest due to the IRS exceeding the 45-day statutory limit in sending out their check:

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