BREAKING: Trump to Fire Chris Wray for quashing exculpatory EVIDENCE- Barr protects Biden’s laptop

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BREAKING: Trump will soon fire Chris Wray for quashing exculpatory evidence even while DOJ AG Bill Barr protects Hunter Biden’s laptop. This is tantamount to subversion to our Chief Executive by any definition. Even while the President and his family and friends were SAVAGED by a fake Impeachment trial by the likes of deep State Socialists & serial liars like Adam Schiff, Nancy Pelosi etc. The President had been Impeached by Pelosi for a public phone call (with 20 + staffers on the line) to the President of Ukraine. Trump was falsely accused of “pressuring” the Ukraine leader.

But as usual this was classic Alinsky projection by the deceptive Democrats. In fact, as Wray & his FBI staffers already knew, there was a ton of exculpatory evidence on Hunter Biden’s laptop that would have exonerated & cleared the President – yet Wray & his corrupt FBI chose to suppress & hid such evidence. The fact is now that the contents & manifold emails of the laptop has been divulged, it turns out that it was the Obama Administration and particularly Joe Biden & his son Hunter who were manipulating Ukrainian officials for pay for pay influence in US foreign policy.

Christopher Wray is a protégé of Robert Mueller & Jim Comey. Why he was chosen as FBI director in by President Trump was very bad advise to begin with . Frankly, we were the first news channel to point this out in July of 2017 when he was confirmed by the US Senate for that vital position. Turns out that Christopher Wray has been covering up the crimes of his Deep State friends for a very long time while aggressively prosecuting friends and allies of the President – folks like Rudy Giuliani, Paul Manafort, Roger Stone & General Mike Flynn etc.

Thank goodness that Rudy was not going to just sit by and take all the abuse of power, lies, slander, malicious prosecutions, subversion, seditions, treasons, duplicity, back stabbing of Chris Wray’s corrupt FBI.

Our sources have informed us that Chris Wray’s days at the FBI are numbered. We here at Insponews realize that with just SUPPORT INSPONEWS: Patreon PayPal…

One response to “BREAKING: Trump to Fire Chris Wray for quashing exculpatory EVIDENCE- Barr protects Biden’s laptop

  1. I just was listening to Thomas Paine@Trupundit that Wray was coving up for himself, because he profited in the deal. Could that be true? I’m sure he was covering for the swamp rat(s), so many seem to be!


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