We All Must Be Familiar With The Goings On.

MlLIT4RY lNSlD3R B0MBSH3LL! Trump WILL INV0KE lnsurrecti0n Act, 4rticle 88 To Stop TWO C0up Att3mpts

From 0017 🙂

We have to become very familiar with the actual law so that when we hear our friends, co-workers, or the media clowns parroting certain opinions/stories, then we can spot the rhetoric aimed against us and actually intended to help the other side.

It has become big business, these days, to act as a paid influencer, I’m talking especially about the talking heads in TV or even the on line gizmos, that the so many of our dear loved ones and siblings keep watching.

Note how the stories are written to look like, they are good for,………wait for it………who? Them or Us? Be sure to watch out for all the “do gooders” in our lives, they usually don’t think further than their noses, that they keep sticking into everybody else’s business.

Notice how often President Trump says something, does something or even tweets something and tons of so called experts crawl out of wood work to claim that he is braking the law somehow. These people are quick to blabber some stuff from the Constitution, while full well knowing, that as necessary for their goals, they will be following the magical lawyering done by the good Esquires using their, wide open for all to see but still secret, Admiralty law, thereby screwing us again.

So far, in last 4 years, I have seen the President always being the one who actually follows the law. I don’t claim to be the smartest cookie in the bunch, but I have compared many stories by the “right wing” and “left wing” writers. Our side is always something that is good for all the people. The other side is always strongly stating that it is for the people but upon further investigation, there is always something that in it, that is not so. It is good for some mysterious character behind the proverbial curtain.

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