KODAK | VENTER-lators. Amazing, do you have any idea of this?

WOW, could Trump’s new vaccine come from a Kodak printer?

Laura Me
18 hours ago

I had NO Idea Kodak was into stuff like this. 2020 The year we found out that science fiction is actually science fact, conspiracy theory is theory fact and the invisible enemy isn’t covid but an actual enemy that hides in the shadows. 2020 has a lot of shadow talk. Out of Shadows , Shadownet, Shadowgate. I just keep thinking about how much is different than everything I’ve thought my entire life. I feel like I have culture shock and I haven’t moved.

Clint Kessler
22 hours ago

Thank you Tore once again for opening minds! I heard about this tech on a detective show. They sent in the dna and got a pic of the suspect. They were able to solve a cold case. They were bragging about the latest tech was being made available to law enforcement. What I thought about was the movie Gattica and others that showed they were filtering the people based on their genetics. Premonition? I think not. They were showing us what was coming. God speed

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