My #WalkAway Video

Please send this guys video to all your friends and relatives, enemies too, who you are having trouble to get them to understand why we all should be voting for Trump.

This is a good example of why the groups like the democrats, socialists, communists and their off shoot groups are trying to divide us and make it easier for them to ruin America. I agree with this kid because he makes sense. These are things that are beneficial to all Americans and we all want in our lives. The leaders of those groups are the ones pushing for regulations, laws, codes etc. that make life miserable for everybody, just to create friction and division.

Andy V. 0017

Ricky Rebel12K subscribersSUBSCRIBEDThis video is about My #WalkAway Video. “The New Alpha” LP Available now! Become a Patreon member for exclusive content!!

These are the reasons I walked away from the Democratic party.

1. The Democrat party has changed

They are no longer the party of JFK. They call themselves Democratic Socialists

They were once were about protecting the border preserving our US sovereignty.

Now they are for open borders

They once believed that free market capitalism was a great thing for America Now they fight for socialism and communism

They used to champion freedom of speech. Now they champion preventing free speech on college campus’ and want voices silenced on social media that do not match their own.

2. I have seen the way the democrat party has tried to pressure me to think and vote a certain way or else I will be labeled a Nazi, racist, homophobic, transphopic, xenophobic, The hatred I have experienced from the radical left has been astounding.

There are people in the industry who refuse to work with me because I voted for Trump. I do not see that same kind of hatred from the right. The right is not perfect however, for the most part, they do not try their best to get people fired for their jobs for voting for Hilary Clinton. They do not need safe spaces for students who see someone wearing a Bernie cap.

At the end of the day, I do not want to pressure people to vote one way or another. If you are a Democrat we can still be friends. I love all of my democrat fans. I still believe that it is possible to come together and work with one another like Americans. It’s time to #TurnUpTheLove and #Walkaway from the division and fear.

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