BLM Riot Turns Into MAGA YMCA Dance Party

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On AUG 22, 2020, a violent #BlackLivesMatter mob swarmed the Trump Unity Bridge in Beverly Hills. The Trump Unity Bridge responded to #BLM with a DANCE OFF to their unifying theme song MAGA / YMCA!

MAGA / YMCA Parody By The American People


Ricky Rebel @RickyRebelRocks

Mindy Robinson @iheartMindy

Joy Villa @joy_Villa The

Deplorable Choir @The Deplorable Choir

Tommy Joe Ratliff @TommyJoe Ratliff

Dee Dee Deplorable

Produced by Ricky Rebel, Jason Fishbein, and Dee Dee Plorable

No Sampling of Original Song by The Village People. (Y.M.C.A.) Fair Use Invoked.

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