Shadowgate Updates

Millie and I used a lap top – sat on top of each other to fit in the screen and I was a bit under the weather. Hope the update gave you more insight.

Please make more documentaries like Shadow Gate. People need to know what is going on. Sad to see some Republican YouTubers trying to smear the good name of Millie Weaver.
The truth will prevail. In large part due to folks like you! Stay safe ladies! Stay safe!
Millie many many people donated and millions where praying an stalking Tore an watched an shared ShadowGate and Now Bannon needs Our Prayers 💖✌️🙏 now as well but I’m hoping this entire situation is going to open other’s eyes to realize what is going on in Our NATION and worldwide
TRUMP PENCE November 2020🇺🇲 we must VOTE TRUMP PENCE and Tore an Millie I will do what I can to help you ladies an I have sent emails an called about investing names an companies that I seen in ShadowGate

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