Yugoslavian Issues Warning To All Americans

Everything she says is so precise and true.

Her great story is very familiar. I have spent 22 years of my life over there, not in Yugoslavia but close, living and observing all of it. 5 years of it in the Army.  I have tried to warn Americans but she does a much better job of it.

Sitting at a house of a friend when the riots began and showcasing on the TV with the death of George Floyd, and my friends look at each other and exclaim, “it’s starting again!” They’re from Venezuela.
This woman is 100% accurate! Unfortunately, this message is only heard by those who already knew it and understood what’s really going on and it isn’t reaching enough those who really need to hear it most and understand it most..
I was born in Yugoslavia and I can tell you she’s 100% on target. Looks like USA is being played by the same demons that destroyed my country. Or at least they read the same book.

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