JUST IN: Barr calls Obama’s DOJ/FBI a FRAUD as Chris Wray continues to hide evidence of FBI crimes

JUST IN: Barr calls Obama’s DOJ/FBI a FRAUD as Chris Wray continues to hide evidence of FBI crimes in 2 shocking interviews this week. Yesterday, Bill Barr gave a rather informal & impromptu interview regarding the status of the Durham investigation. Never before has Attorney General Bill Barr used such strong language calling the Obama Administration’s DOJ & FBI a “total fraud.” This is especially true in regards to the highly illegal & treasonous Crossfire Hurricane investigation of General Mike Flynn & president Donald Trump where recent uncovered communiques prove that Barack Obama & Joe Biden were fully aware and authorized the fraudulent and phony investigation from its inception in the summer of 2016, In the latest interview with FBI Director Chris Wray, as usual, appears uncomfortable, & non-transparent – dodging questions and trying to obfuscate his MO. It has become all too obvious now that Wray is content to continue hiding evidence and records of Obama & Biden’s full knowledge and authorization of the seditious, treasonous and highly illegal scheme to remove a duly elected US President from office. This has to be the MOST CORRUPT FBI Director in US history given the gravity of the situation. Wray’s duplicity even surpasses that of his Mentors Mueller & Comey as he knows the damage his corruption cover up has caused & continues to cause the entire nation for the past 3 years of his tenure. Notwithstanding, it was encouraging to hear Barr’s strongest and most candid language to date which portend something BIG is coming out of the Durham investigation. No doubt the Chines COVID virus pandemic has delayed grand juries from being convened. Lets hope that such delays do not mean denial of justice for this President, General Mike Flynn and th American people. SUPPORT INSPONEWS: Patreon https://www.patreon.com/insponews PayPal https://www.paypal.com/cgi-bin/webscr… Federico Cardella CONTACT: To MAIL a donation please make Check payable to: InspoNews # 183 2575 S HWY 1792 Casselberry Fl. 32707 InspoNews Office Tel: 1-407-961-9480 Subscribe to our channel and don’t forget to RING THE BELL God’s blessings & liberty to all. Federico Cardella

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