Reset, RV and IRS info!! Dinar, Nesara, COVID, Epstein, Big weekend coming up, Podcast #8 – Paladin and Lady Justice

White Hat Paladin gives good info. He says that the White Hat teams have to go and do all the accounting for the assets that are to be transformed into cash/digits for the new system. Seems as thought the old “Fake” gold bars are still floating around so this has to be resolved before the new system can begin as well as the accounting of all assets which make up this “Asset-Backed”  launch. So no time on that.

Next, he said Trump wants to get rid of the payroll taxes which means, “No payroll taxes, No IRS,” so stand-by for further info on that. Might be on the news in a few weeks.

Most exciting, he says that a former Joint Chief (General Dunford) and an old Navy guy who is famous in the dinar world, (Bob Locke) have opened up a trust in a Western state (Reno Nevada, Sparks Indian Reservation)  for the RV of currencies. And so he says the currencies are all part of generating this new financial system.

And there you have it…”Proof” that the RV is real and is going to happen!! No time frame, so don’t ask…:x Happy, happy…..

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