This hard-hitting new TRUMP ad will surely get the MEDIA aroused. Fireworks!!

This hard-hitting piece of info comes from our Central Correspondent, Fran. Picturing the…..what else….the trough used by …………you know….check the video at the bottom.

Face Book pulled this and will not allow a forward. But they can’t pull it from e-mail. RE-POST this E-MAIL as many times as you can

What is very interesting is that Trump would even do such an advertisement. The Democrats have organized themselves into “The Resistance” to sabotage President Trump. This is really a major confrontation for Democracy is dead and indeed the press has lost all integrity and is no longer balanced. Many are confused. Why do the Democrats hate Trump so much? It certainly seems that they are so against him because he cannot be bribed and as such is overturning their feeding trough.

There are many people that wonder what is going on. This advertisement is truly amazing insofar it is exposing a lot of issues that many people find questionable. There are some entities that Trump points out in this advertisement from Sorors to the bankers who I can personally attest have been engaged in trading markets for major gains and rely on the SEC and CFTC to always look the other way. Some banks have been paying bribes to achieve their goals in markets. I have called them “The Club” for they were outright soliciting me to join.

This 2020 election will be different. It will be very interesting, to say the least. This ad DOES NOT target a specific candidate. So it seems to be throwing down the gauntlet for an all out war. This is very curious for it is a major departure in how politics had been played. The point here is that the gloves have come off. I have been warning that the 2020 election should be the most violent. Perhaps we have not seen anything yet.

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2 responses to “This hard-hitting new TRUMP ad will surely get the MEDIA aroused. Fireworks!!

  1. You lost me when you claimed that “Democracy” is dead. Why? Because the USA is not supposed to be a democracy but a Republic as any American raised in the 50’s and 60’s knows.

    After that claim, the rest of the article is not worth reading based on what is either ignorance of the facts or an agenda you wish to push. Either way, your status as being an “alt” media worthy of respect is gone which is a shame as America desperately needs an honest, educated media who really love the principles upon which America was founded.


  2. Mike, most people in our government keep calling it democracy, you and I know better. Example, Obama, in his inaugural speech mentioned democracy 19 times and republic, not once. The act of 1871 basically made US a democracy (story for another time) and has since been so. Trump is bringing back the Republic, that is the main goal. Look at Trumps inaugural speech, first 2-3 minutes, you will see him announce, this is not ordinary election, switching from one party to the other, this is taking this country away from Washington bureaurats and giving it back to the people. (Not exact words). More importantly as he says this you see the military gather behind him signifying their backing of him. Then he continues and the military goes back into their seats.


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