Please help Field!

Please use link at the bottom to donate.

OK Brothers, he was a fighter pilot and civilian pilot, let’s step up.

Hi Everyone,

We know that Field McConnel has been fighting the good fight for all of us by unmasking so many evil deeds of the Cabal in order that we would be informed.  He spent 7 months in jail and is now under house arrest, facing trial for standing up. As patriots and good Christians, we all know about what they do to whistle-blowers. He and his wife have been separated by this mess for nearly a year. Think about how hard that must be…

Anyway, his friends have put on this video in hopes that we will send in a bit of cash. Even if it is $10, please contribute to this man. He needs $50,000 he does not have. He is paying the price so the worst criminals will be prosecuted and we can be free of their grasp.They will tell you about what is going on and the Gofundme account for Field. Here is the video.

Hope you will take the time to help him, because he took the time to help us. He is a courageous man and deserves our support….

If at all possible please help with a small donation for Field McConnell’s defense. fund…

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