Breaking: Department of Justice Drops Case Against General Michael Flynn

The BOOM week continues, How sweet it is!

NYT and their “range of criminal law specialists” are pissed, as they wrote:

WASHINGTON — The Justice Department’s decision to drop the criminal case against Michael T. Flynn, (Hey NYT, he is General), President Trump’s former national security adviser, even though he had twice pleaded guilty to lying to investigators, was extraordinary and had no obvious precedent, a range of criminal law specialists said on Thursday. The move is the latest in a series that the department, under Attorney General William P. Barr, has taken to undermine and dismantle the work of the investigators and prosecutors who scrutinized Russia’s 2016 election interference operation and its links to people associated with the Trump campaign.

Yes, we have to  “undermine and dismantle the work of the (criminal scum) investigators and prosecutors ” just to free an innocent man. I hope you are really pissed off.

And now this “jewel” here is pissed off, after all she teaches how to frame innocent people. I guess she lost a few feathers off her stinking cap. Her trapping crap is not working anymore.

“I’ve been practicing for more time than I care to admit and I’ve never seen anything like this,” said Julie O’Sullivan, a former federal prosecutor who now teaches criminal law at Georgetown University.

And the Head Floozie at the House, Nancy Pelosi said: Freeing an innocent man is  “politicization of justice” and “covering up for the president”.   You can all commence laughter NOW.


Read Kristinn’s great article here:

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