Internet shutdown update, rescuing kids, dissecting media lies, discerning truth for yourself & more

Two videos are related. In the first one she refers to No 2, so I included that one below this No 1.

In this video I’m updating the internet shutdown situation, outlining the events that is taking place before the shutdown.  The Alliance has been busy rescuing kids underneath bunkers around the world. Find out how Hillary has been trafficking these kids. I’m also sharing ways to find truth and answers for yourself.


Here is the video file that was deleted from Youtube. They don’t want you to know the truth about this CV pandemic. I also share natural remedies that will help you protect your body from this problem. There is a text file that has important links that you can check after the video.

USA Government a Republic, Coronavirus caused by 5G, Oprah ra…f Darkness Intel .mp4

Crazy link, just click on it.

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