From our own Gabe MD (Maybe Doctor)

I’ve been doing my research and homework and have come across an effective way to prevent and of course treat if you do get the corona COVID-19 virus.
The preventive measures protocol: Vitamin C 22 mg per pound of body weight, i.e. with me about 3000 mg a day, vitamin D3 supplement 5000 units a day minimum,  Chaga mushroom powder 1 to 2 mg daily, also include your B vitamins.
For the treatments, if you do get this virus, this is the anti-viral cocktail: 1 ounce of whiskey or vodka, 500 mg of vitamin C powder, live source if you can get it, two milligrams of Chaga powder, 1 mg of elderberry. It’s very important of the ratio and also 50,000 units of D3.

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