ALERT – Democrats Caught RED HANDED In Election Rigging Scam

Up to their old tricks again, even against their own.

Democrats do not know how to do anything by the books and not cheat. The issue for them is they are also not adept at not getting caught.

Democrat candidates Sen. Cory Booker and Sen. Kamala Harris bowed out of the 2020 Democrat presidential race because they could not meet thresholds to participate in the debates.

Other candidates got out of the race for the same reason as the Democrat National Committee would not change its rules.

But now that the Democrat establishment sees Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders getting close to winning the nomination the rules have changed.

And it happens that they changed for a billionaire, former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg, the Daily Caller reported.

“The DNC will no longer require candidates to reach a threshold of the number of donors in order to qualify for its Feb. 19 debate in Las Vegas, according to the outlet,” it said.

The rule change appears to be designed to help Bloomberg who has not had many donors and has funded his campaign on his own to the tune of around $180 million.

The reason for the accommodation could be that Bloomberg donates millions of dollars to the Democrat Party and to a joint fundraising campaign the DNC is in charge of.

“The records show that Bloomberg made three donations of $106,500 to the DNC itself and another $800,000 to the Democratic Grassroots Victory Fund, a joint fundraising committee for the DNC and state Democratic parties,” the Daily Caller said.

Democrats are furious with the rule change and have accused Bloomberg of purchasing the election and the DNC of rigging the primary.

“Back in December, I called on the DNC to open up the debate requirements so that more candidates, including candidates of color, would be able to participate,” Tom Steyer, another billionaire Democrat candidate, said.

“Instead, they are changing the rules for a candidate who is ignoring early states voters and grassroots donors,” he said.

“To now change the rules in the middle of the game to accommodate Mike Bloomberg, who is trying to buy his way into the Democratic nomination, is wrong,” Sanders senior advisor Jeff Weaver said. “Now, suddenly because Mr. Bloomberg couldn’t satisfy one of the prongs, we see it get changed?”

It is tough to not see the rule as Bloomberg purchasing a spot on the DNC debate stage, but the Party had a response.

“Now that the grassroots support is actually captured in real voting, the criteria will no longer require a donor threshold,” DNC deputy communications director Adrienne Watson said.

“The donor threshold was appropriate for the opening stages of the race, when candidates were building their organizations, and there were no metrics available outside of polling to distinguish those making progress from those who weren’t,” she said.

ALERT – Democrats Caught RED HANDED In Election Rigging Scam


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