SHOCKING ADMISSION! Epstein And The Elites! Cindy McCain Says WE ALL KNEW!

One of the comments:

If you want a VERY in depth catalog of names and receipts pertaining to the International Pedo elites look up Shaka Shakur’s NXIVM series of livestreams.
      Much deeper than just NXIVM btw.
      Just a guy and his computer guiding us through the web of interrelated conspirators.  This runs through Alll of Politricks,  Hollywood, Sports, Business, Philanthropic orgs,  etc. They’re EVERYWHERE.
         Just like Mccain said. EVERYONE with Any clout knows what is going on.  From Oprah to Obama…….Why is Oprah and others deeply invested in pig farming?…….. Why are the Obamas hanging out with Richard Branson?……. No  one reallly wants to know . But we must look this evil in the eye and destroy it. If you shy away YOU are also culpable! Just like Mccain etc. Etc. Etc.
     Shaka Shakurs NXIVM content!
             15 or so 2 hr streams allll the way down the rabbit hole. At LEAST the first 3 or 4 episodes are a Must watch.   Grab a pen a notebook and a stiff drink. Wake up. Then share the truth!


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