“Bill of Peace 2020” Index to Current Information

Redacted 10e 945x.jpg

Dear Opt-Ins,
By George, we’ve got the dates nailed down and this train is moving on.
Congressional settlement begins February 25th which necessitates that paperwork and emailed scans be received by February 10th. Understand that settlement via presidential executive order is still an option and continuing to contact the White House by email, phone call and snail mail is essential.
Additionally, it is important to start scheduling personal meetings with your Senate and House representatives at this time. As both houses of the U.S. Congress will be in session February 25th, please schedule appointments on or after, but as close to the 25th as possible. A Congressional Calendar is on the website – Congressional Calendar for February & March
Important – indicate that you “need to discuss settlement of an arbitration award” with your representative’s staff. Keep it that simple! If the staff member requests more information, insist that you can and will provide all necessary information when personally meeting with your representative. You will be provided with said information well before February 25th.
I will be in the D.C. area beginning February 24th and will provide information for coordinating the settlement process. Participation that week is crucial. Physical presence will be of immense importance, but a barrage of incoming media is a close second.
Please stay abreast of announcements on the website and should www.hudok.info website experience a problem, please go to the alternate site, www.scannedretina.com.
If you emailed anyone else’s scan, please share this with them.
Sincerely, Phil Hudok and the whole free-will team.
P.S. We should plan to get together.

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