“Gold Treaty” of March 21st 2013

We the people ask the federal government to Tell us what the federal government is doing about an issue:

Click on the below link:


The “Gold Treaty” of 2013 deals with the global currency reset as referenced in the package prepared by Michael C. Cottrell, B.A., M.S. the White House received at 3:37am October 29, 2019 and signed for by one J Poyser. The treaty and the move back to sound asset backed money effects every citizen of this nation and all nations around the world. We the people would like a response to the contents of the referenced documents. With solid details as to the progress and stance of the current administration towards the implementation of sound money and the control of the criminal central banking institutions. We expect and demand complete transparency as to how our currency is supported and yearly public audits of any banking institution controlling our monetary supply. (United States Treasury)

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