Most Potent Alignment on Earth the 33rd Parallel – Masonic Line…….


An alignment running from the George Washington Masonic Memorial in Alexander Virginia to Stonehenge intersects a projected bisector of the Pentagon War Headquarter to define the center of a circle with a radius of 6666 m that runs through the center of the Pentagram inscribed in the streets of Washington, DC. A second radii of the circle connects two apexes of the street pentagram.

What secrets in plain sight connect the Freemasons to Stonehenge via the number 33? The alignment that creates the geomancy of this video runs from the George Washington National Masonic Memorial to Stonehenge through the heart of New York, directly over Wall Street. and within 650 m of 911 ground zero.

Besides New York; Washington, Philadelphia, and Boston are all within 6 km of the line. This means that the majority of power spots in United States, and indeed in the world, are on a line from the most important Masonic monument in the US, and possibly in the world, to the world’s most iconic megalithic structure of Stonehenge.

Following where the geomancy leads, we end up connected with the Pyramid of the Sun in Teotihuacan, the third largest pyramid on Earth, to Sandy Hook elementary, to the Comox Valley and the International Peace Garden.


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