BREAKING: FBI’s Andy McCabe to be Indicted. DOJ Sources say Barr & Rosen have reached their decision

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BREAKING: FBI’s Andy McCabe to be Indicted. DOJ Sources say Barr & Rosen have reached their decision. There is also talk of a plea deal if McCabe will testify against bigger DOJ/FBI/CIA fish on the food chain.There is tremendous last minute pressure being placed upon Barr & Rosen within the FBI & DOJ to NOT exercise the indictment and to have McCabe turn himself into authorities.
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It now seems apparent that according to DOJ sources appears Bill Barr IS going to indict Andrew McCabe, Strzok, Priestrap, Carlin, Baker, Comey – maybe as high as Susan Rice, Sally Yates and Samantha Powell etc. But really, how high up the totem pole is Bill Barr & Assis. AG Mr. Rosen truly willing to go? How many dominos will fall in the end seeing that the DC Swamp is replete with pro Democrat jurors and Obama judges? Can they truly expect to have any left wing Grand Jury in DC go along with their essential quest for American Justice?

Big hurdle will be the DC Federal judges appointed by Bush and Obama – all left wing along with a pool of DC jurors that resemble more of a Bernie Sanders Rally then “rule of law” God fearing, freedom loving, constitutionalist patriotic Americans.  Bill Barr has a huge challenge there. But the fact remains- the Deep State Swamp planned long ago for the NSS ( Nat. Security State) to bring out “hidden” alibis who will tearfully pretend that “Hillary was a victim of Deep State political espionage too.”

After all, it was Andrew McCabe who said that if they (Intel chiefs & FBI Director) could trap (F–K) Mike Flynn they could trap (F–K)  Donald Trump.

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