Is this how we are all thinking?

This from a friend:

Is this how we are all thinking?

But Trump really is the man to defeat the Deep State. He’s the guy who will drain the swamp of its filth. Just look at Jeffrey Epstein – the latter does represent the Deep State and he’s in jail. What’s really bad with another 4 years of Trump if he really can put people like Epstein in prison?
Haven’t they noticed that in the House of Trump itself, a known Zionist lives and participates in the crafting of policies against Palestinians together with other Zionists already populating the White House and State Department, right from the start?
Naaahh, you think those who say that, are against Trump because they are just Clintonites.
A population of 328,915,700 as of May 20, 2019 can only talk about two groups of corporate rabble-rousers to lead them out of their condition. How did it come to this?
[us-public-opinion-2019.png] :
These problems are far bigger than politics and politicians, however. In fact, it looks more like one big drama, or a Great Kabuki, where every key player assumes his favorite image so it’s easier to lead the people according to “his own image”.
The masses presume by default that the elected officials are not capable of soiling the sanctity of their office. The problem is, there wasn’t any iota of sanctity of that office to begin with. Only the vested interests of the real power behind these politicians really matters.
Trump can surely pretend as the CEO or President of a country, but he is not immune from twister whispers coming from all directions. That explains the multiple cabinet turnovers in just a span of 2 years in office, involving recycled Deep State operatives who are bereft of credibility abroad. He doesn’t have a team of his own, if ever that was the whole idea, i.e. draining of the swamp, to begin with.
So, suddenly we have opportunistic racists gravitating spontaneously to the Man in the White House, effectively tainting the significance and real value of the work of patriots, who volunteered to work with the present US administration. But that’s the whole idea, i.e. to initiate racial conflicts, while the plunder of their wealth goes unabated behind the scenes.
This is how the British Monarchy preserved its shady enterprise for centuries and the Vatican Crown above it.
The only antidote is through the dynamic actions of an enlightened population, collectively and individually. The sooner they realize that solely relying on the politicians can get them nowhere, the closer they get to real freedom.
The obsolete system will never update by itself!

What are you doing to educate others on all these issues and have you finally realized that shopping at Walmart and Amazon is akin to shooting yourself in the head?

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