Aaaahhhh, more is being revealed to us daily. How sweet it is,

All this stuff has been going on for a loooong time, little did we know.

John Durham has been investigating James Baker et al., at least since before Oct 2018. He did not just now start, this was long before Barr even appeared on the Trump scene. Lame stream media is just reporting it now since it was “leaked”, Barr did not make such an appointment. Barr “tapped” him for the investigation.

He was nominated by Donald Trump in November 2017 to be Connecticut’s US Attorney. Future proves past like Q so often says.

I find it fascinating to read all these little nuggets. How much has really been going on behind the scenes, way back when many of us were saying that “nothing is happening”.

Thanks to “Praying Medic”


2 responses to “Aaaahhhh, more is being revealed to us daily. How sweet it is,

  1. More than we could even have imagined…it is my understanding ‘the plan’ was formulated long before Trump ran for office – and he was recruited.


  2. That is what I hear, maybe some day we’ll know for sure.


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