The End of Bilderberg

With the annual Bilderberg meeting about to kick-off in Virginia it is worth revisiting the stated purpose and organizational structure of the group.  While some see the latest conference as an opportunity for the elites to strategize the removal of Donald Trump from power, I would contest that it will be more focused on the realignment of the Anglo-American establishment minus the European political elite and business interests.

So much has been written about Bilderberg that it requires one to cut through the thick fabrications and wide speculations in order to make any sort of accurate analysis or prediction.  The structure of the group has always been based on the political elites and top leaders in industry, finance, academia, and media from both Europe and North America.

The mandate has been focused on the cultural relationship of those groups, which has been referenced as “Atlanticism” and was originally intended to address the growth of anti-Americanism in Western Europe.   Cooperation between the political, economic and defense interest of the Anglo-American establishment, aligned with those of Europe, has been the driving force behind the world since the end of World War Two.

Preventing another world war was a stated objective of the group, and the windfall profits which were made from the broad alliance were one of the added benefits of a nation’s micro political and business interests aligning with the macro political and business interests as represented in the structure of Bilderberg.

As written in the recent post Europe is Separating from the Anglo-American Establishment, this decades long dynamic and alliance is beginning to change.  The slow fragmentation of the Bretton Woods monetary agreement is leading to the fundamental transformation of the geopolitical and financial worlds.  New alliances and trade agreements will have to be created in order to better reflect the shifting balance which is beginning to take place between the USD denominated world and the Chinese RMB denominated world.

This realignment is following the mandates of the international banking interests and Donald Trump is the salesman packaging, presenting and instigating the transformation to the American people as well as the industry, finance, academia, and media within the Anglo-American establishment and Europe.

In the post How Rothschild Inc. Saved Donald Trump we reviewed how Trump is in fact representing the real international banking interests and how he was developed to overthrow the American establishment from within.  The lingering leftist business, political and academia interests which are attempting to derail the Trump agenda are slowly being swept away on the tidal wave of global transformation.

So much of the thesis we have been reviewing for years is beginning to unfold much as expected.  The recent announcement of a growing cooperation between Russia and Saudi Arabia on energy policy is further evidence of what we reviewed in the post The Move to Isolate Iran.

In that post we discussed how Russia would trade Iran, and the Middle East as a whole, for a solution to the Ukraine crisis which would in turn hand over Europe to Russian influence and allow the large Eurasian Union to move forward.

Anglo-American interests needed to retain control and influence over either Europe or the Middle East.  Given that Europe is resource poor the Middle East is now in play and decades of geopolitical balance is about to shift to accommodate the larger strategy.

The post The Great War for Eurasia explains this strategy in more detail.

We are witnessing the largest transformation of the world in a century.  History teaches us that things never stay the same and are always in a state of constant change and transformation.  The Bilderberg group served its stated purpose well.  That purpose is now no longer relevant and the group will either fragment off into small splinters or be forced to reinvent itself to work towards finding a common ground between the Anglo-American establishment and the emerging Eurasian establishment.

When the internet was first introduced the Bilderberg group was one of the first conspiratorial interesting topics I stumbled upon.  It appeared to be this massive and mysterious all-powerful organization which controlled the destiny of the world.  After researching and presenting this thesis over the last 4 years I now see Bilderberg as a temporary alliance between corresponding interests throughout a short period of time in world history.

Whether Bilderberg can reinvent itself or disappears in the dustbin of history there will still be alliances and organization within business and political spheres.  The only thing that will change is the stated goal and the constitution of the group.  Agreements between business and political interests are as old as human culture itself.  – JC

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