How the Cultural War Fooled the Left

Political Cartoons by Glenn McCoy

A Synthesis between Opposing Extremes

By JC Collins

The ongoing rise of a new modern nationalism across the global and political spectrums is serving the purpose of the international banking interests. The social justice warriors and leftist politicians who have suckled on the socialist nipple of division and fragmentation have been betrayed by the very same people and organizations who originally funded the fake cultural war.

The very same governments and non-governmental organizations who orchestrated and implemented everything from the feminist movement to the recent transgender conditioning are the very same interests who are promoting open borders and mass immigration. These policies are fast undoing decades of cultural and socioeconomic interception (CSI).

A reconciliation between the ideals of feminism and the incremental approach of sharia law through mass immigration is impossible. The obvious question which emerges is why would a specific interest group promote opposing ideals and social movements?

Another related question which can help bring focus to the methodology being discussed is the cultural attack on Christianity alongside the self-destructive behavior of Islam which is being allowed and imported into Christian cultures.

The obvious answer is that both are meant to transform the other. A few decades from now both the Christian religion and the Islamic faith will be destroyed and replaced with the inevitable synthesis of the consolidation of both. This is the thesis and anti-thesis becoming the synthesis.

The simple terminology of the above dynamic is running parallel to the introduction of the eastern belief systems into the Christian world. This new age Buddhism introduction began decades ago and has reached a very common balance amongst the core population in the west.

The same methodology is playing out in the political realm. The politics of the left and the politics of the right serve the same thesis and anti-thesis movement towards synthesis. It is obvious. The population is divided and fragmented along well defined fault lines. You are either pro-life or pro-choice. You are either pro-guns or anti-guns.

The same script is used to thoroughly manipulate the masses into accepting a well-engineered and purposeful synthesis which moves everyone into the middle ground. The extremes which exist on both ends of the religious and political spectrums are so unforgiving and destructive in their promotion that a balance will provide the tired populations with a viable solution to the ongoing troubles and divisions in the world.

While those on the left thought they were winning some make-believe cultural war the international banking interest who are engineering the world of tomorrow have been using them and the manufactured cultural war to create an extreme position which is strategically placed in opposition to the similar manufactured right.

The difference is that the left thought they were winning while the right thought they were losing. One was an offensive movement while the other was defensive. Both movements are creating a middle ground.

The rise of Trump and the anti-immigration movements around the world are the first shifts to the center.

In America politicians are even openly stating that Donald Trump is not a true conservative and with his nomination the Republican Party has forever been changed. The same script is being applied to the Democrats. Hillary Clinton’s nomination and the subsequent failure of her Presidential run will alter American politics.

The false cultural war was a ruse to manufacture an internationalist middle ground which would re-organize American politics and culture to have it more aligned with the globalist agenda of consolidation and world governance. Both left and right were used but none more so than the left which thought they were actually winning some meaningful culture war against the old world.

The betrayal is already being felt as the left begins to feast on itself.
– JC

How the Cultural War Fooled the Left (FREEPOM)

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