These questions are easily answered.
o If it was lawful, it is lawful.
o If it was unlawful, it is unlawful.
o Any decision to the contrary is treason, being an unconstitutional change to the Constitution without the consent of the governed. It does not matter whether that decision comes from the Legislative, Executive, or Judiciary.
One should not get so lost in the massive and tortured maze of Legislation, Executive Orders, Regulations, and Supreme Court decisions as to lose sight of what is so plainly and obviously true. We need not justify our conclusions with their jurisprudence. Our interests, values, and founding documents are the only guidance we need. The purpose of studying Supreme Court decisions is not to determine what is constitutional, but to determine who, when, and how our form of government was corrupted, so that we may unwind it.
(c)2017 Kirk F. MacKenzie. All rights reserved.
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