Nationality – A question for Anna Von Reitz

This answer to a question from one of the readers clearly outlines in a shortened version what all happened after Civil War to all the people in America, we all became slaves. Read carefully. Please let me add a note: 14th Amendment was ratified July 9, 1868 right in the height of the beginning of the deception, it says in part in Section 4 “The validity of the public debt of the United States, authorized by law, including debts incurred for payment of pensions and bounties for services in suppressing insurrection or rebellion, shall not be questioned“……snip…….   Note, this is not the original Constitution. This was a clue back then, but who was informed, who got to vote for this, we are not allowed to question what the government decides to spend, these years they started the income tax also. No wonder they don’t want us to question the debt. Is this why there is so much trouble to get to “Audit the Fed”?

Nationality – A question for Anna Von Reitz

Victimhood v. Brotherhood
Anna Von Reitz answers the following question:
On Wed, Feb 24, 2016 at 8:48 AM, Lalo wrote:
Hello Sir,
I was wondering if its possible to send Anna Von Reitz a email through you.
I have a question about Nationality and the USA..
I come to find the truth about the so called African American here in the united
States of America.
I come to find that the people enslaved since the birth of this nation was falsely
given title of African American to deceive them from what the Creator had given;
Which was known of their true ancestry and Nationality at the time of the
Emancipation Proclamation.
United states of America is guilty of war Crimes, human trafficking and slavery to
name a few and this is not mere conjuncture.
Now I ‘m trying to undo what has be done to me. and my children.
I have authentic proof from the Library of Congress, Presidents of the united States
and others.
I want to denounce my so called United states citizenry and maintain my possessions
and residence(like the native Americans).
Just like the story of Elan Gonzales (Cuba 2000) the USA has no jurisdiction of
another citizen of another state/country. so how can they have jurisdiction of a child
taken by acts of war and called them their own and label them African Americas?
Through propagated lies and deceit this country has taken what it promised to
protect in its edicts of the US constitutions and Bill of Rights.
There is not statute of limitation of kidnap, murder or crimes against humanity that I
know of.
Thank you,
Nigritia State Citizen,
In response to questions about the abuse black Americans have suffered
versus what everyone else has suffered:
What you have to realize first of all is that although they did it first and worst to
black people they have been equal opportunity predators and have in the end
treated everyone the same and have enslaved everyone.
The key to this is political status, not race.
Following the Civil War members of the Bar Association and the international banks
incorporated the Federal Government. In doing this they gained a means to avoid
The Constitution and its requirements.
As a corporation they are in the business of providing government services so they
made everyone an offer— they would provide MORE services to some of us than to
others, and in exchange those people would sign over their lives and property to
them and act as slaves and wards of the State.
And, according to them, this deal was SO good, everyone was PRESUMED to have
accepted it. Those who did accept were to be considered United States Citizens.
So all the new United States Citizens were required to pay for all these new services
the federal corporation was supposedly providing, but in fact was only administering.
The victims of this scam not only paid for the services and for the administrative
costs of the service providers out of their own pockets, but the services — such as
social security– were often substandard because they were not subject to market
Once these demons got their claws in they could charge everyone however much
they could get away with for these “services” and according to the 14th Amendment
of their own corporate charter published as The Constitution of the United States of
America in 1868, the victims HAD TO pay and COULD NOT question the resulting
debt and were guilty the moment they entered the courtroom if the
“government”—- that is, the governmental services corporation brought charges (as
in bills) against them.
In this way they set up shop in our midst and set up this fake “agreement” allowing
them to provide us with any service they wanted to provide, charge us anything they
wanted to, and then have our own PRESUMED consent to jail and punish us if we
didn’t pay them for both the cost of the service and their administrative costs to
provide it.
Pretty sweet for them, no? Obummercare is just a most recent example of this
process at work.
Of course, they acted under conditions of fraud and deceit to accomplish all this, but
accomplish this they did. They have been working it ever since in broad daylight and
people have gone along and accepted it because they thought this THING in
Washington, DC was acting as their lawful government. They could not see or
conceive that those who had been operating the lawful government before the war
had just seized upon the names and institutions and began operating as a self-
serving governmental services corporation instead.
The remedy they provided was the Expatriation Statute and the Revocation clauses
of various other pieces of corporate “legislation” most especially your right to revoke
your election to pay federal income taxes.
When you expatriate from “United States Citizenship” you are restored to your
natural birthright as one of the people of the United States — what the federal
corporation calls a “non-resident alien” and “American National”.
EXCEPT for black Americans who never were granted this birthright status in the first
place. Their only protection and recourse is what Dr. King fought for— equal civil
Civil rights are privileges conferred by Congress that can be taken away by
Congress. But since the Civil Rights Movement you are guaranteed civil rights equal
to the Natural and Unalienable Rights of other Americans.
Most recently the greedy slave masters have tried to claim that our unincorporated
States of America no longer exist, that The Constitution is voided because one or the
other parties to it “died”, etc.
By seeking to deprive us of our remedies they are also seeking to deprive you of
your equal civil rights because they would leave no Natural and Unalienable Rights
for you to compare to.
This is what these treasonous, greedy, immoral vermin have been trying to pull off —
but you can help stop it right now by confronting them with the facts to their faces
and demanding an end to this second class “citizenship” and all the PRESUMPTIONS
that go with it, and by organizing in support of the white American Nationals who are
demanding that the Natural and Unalienable Rights of ALL people born in this
country be honored and respected.
These criminals in our midst have created these divisions and injustices with malice a
forethought, seeking to divide the American people into warring factions— the
better to divide and conquer us all. They have tried to separate us by religion, by
race, by former nationality, by political parties— you name it. They have done this
to distract us and keep us from noticing that THEY and their grossly mismanaged
“governmental services corporation” are the source of the poverty and injustice and
criminality engulfing this nation.
Though black Americans HAVE been especially deprived and abused by this System,
they are FAR from the only ones who have suffered the abuses of these corporations
masquerading as our government. All have suffered and continue to suffer until we
wake up and stand together and put an end to this nonsense.
No corporation on Earth has any right to operate in a criminal fashion. All of them
are subject to liquidation. It does not matter where they are chartered or under
what national auspices. They can be tracked down and charged with their crimes and
dispensed with in short order. Their owners and operators can be charged with
crimes and any corporation that acts in a criminal fashion loses the protections of the
so-called “corporate veil”— meaning that the fortunes of the corporation’s owners
and operators can be liened or otherwise seized upon as remedy for their wrong-
Having observed that— perhaps you have been observing the land grab going on in
the Western States right now? Heard about that poor rancher, LaVoy Finicum, who
was murdered by these thugs?
Well, the name of the parent corporation of both the BLM and the FBI is
GOVERNMENT OF THE UNITED STATES (INC) — it is just a corporation like Walmart
or JC PENNY. It has no special authority or standing. Its employees have no Public
Office or granted authority.
What say you that all the people in this country black and white and red and yellow
recognize what the problem really is and go after it with hammer and tongs?
It is nothing more or less than a bunch of criminally mismanaged and greedy
corporations and once we all self-declare our political status as one of the American
people on the land — there is no stopping us from cleaning house from Boston to
San Francisco.
And in the process we can and we will find the means to end injustice based on race,
religion, or any other factor.
Seize the day and seize your brothers– Americans of all kinds and colors. Support

the effort to remove and control the criminally insane corporations that have usurped

upon and claimed to represent the living government of the people, for the people,
and by the people. That government vested in each one of us as organic states of
the Union can never die or be overcome by any amount of legal chicanery so long as
we know and remember who we are and stand together, refusing to be deluded or
deceived or misrepresented by these evil clowns anymore.
It is showtime– time for all Americans to stand up against these corporations and
their false claims and criminal actions in every state and across the nation.
See this article and over 100 others on Anna’s website

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