Counter criminal complaint filed for Shawna Cox in Bundy Case

This is part of the 150 year old, on going, country wide, criminal land grab, this time in Oregon last couple of months. This involves the whole country not just Oregon but that is where the battle is now ongoing.  Let’s help each other learn about this and all these other unlawful acts so we don’t get thrown under the bus time and again. 

Some keep wondering if anything is being done, when is IT going to happen? Yes, plenty of things are going on. This is just one, these are not covered in any of the 6 o’clock TV news where “The News Actors” are telling us “The Alleged News”. We need to pass these thing on to each other so we can all un-learn together all the false “stuff” that has been crammed into our little brains. Time to learn the truth.

Read all of it, read some of it, but above all just read!  Here is the link to the pdf  so  you can see what the work looks like:


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