Top 25 Most Popular False Flag Videos

Dear Andy,  

I apologize for being so remiss in
giving you updates! The last one I
sent was exactly one month ago
and I’d hoped to have the new site
up by now but unfortunately, the
new one is a MUCH more complex
site, using 2015 coding, instead of
pre-2004, mixed in with some ’90s
coding. But the 4,200-page archive
has been successfully uploaded.

Hopefully, the first iteration of the
new site should be up within 2 weeks.
I will continue to work around the
clock, so that I can start publishing
from the new website, as soon as

I am becoming increasingly excited
about the philosophy driving the new
site: “If We Don’t Help Each Other,

In case you missed this message
previously, I am reaching into the
community of FKTV subscribers, many
of whom are ingenious inventors and
entrepreneurs to give you an
additional platform through which to
offer your goods and services and if
you have no website, to have one,
where you can offer what you’ve got.

Reply to this email, if you missed this
message before and we can discuss the
details. For those of you who have
contacted me already, I will be in touch
with you this week. I already have 10
amazing products and services, which I
don’t see available at the sites I normally
visit and that I’m so excited to offer on
the new site, in order to keep it available,
free of charge for all readers/viewers.

The story on the minds of many these days
is the fear of the imminent collapse of the
Western Financial system. I have liquidated
my IRA from Mutual Funds and rolled them
over into a IRA of tangible gold.

The new site will focus primarily on surviving
and thriving through the challenging times

Meanwhile, lest we become too obsessed
over money, let’s not forget the absolutely
nutty False Flags that have been propagated
on the Mainstream News over the past year
and a half, as distractions from the reality of
the Western Financial system.

Digging into the archive of the old site, I
have done a study of Top 25 Most Popular
False Flag Videos sent, since October 2010,
removing 7 which previously appeared on
Top 20 Most Popular Video from the past 18
months, sent last month, so as to not repeat

The category of Airliner Weirdness topped
the charts, with 10 clips relating to Mh-370,
MH-17 and AirAsia QZ8501 and another one
that is just as much about the past years’
Airliner Weirdness as it is about 9/11: the
now-classic, “How to Steal an Airplane,”
by James Corbett.

The other brands of False Flag, which stood
out included 2) 9/11; 3) ISIS; 4) Ebola;
5) Artificial Race War; and tied for 6th most
common meme, Ukraine (although 2 videos
on Flight MH-17 were also about Ukraine) and
the most-viewed of them all but singular in its
focus: Sandy Hook, which I had to take down
at the time I originally posted it, because the
trolls were still out in full force, at the time.

Study how the media is being used to mess
with your head. While there are real lives,
which have been forever altered by tragedies,
there are also phony scenarios, which have
been put out there, as well, where it is possible
that nobody was harmed – at least, in the way
presented by the Criminal Mainstream Media.

They are listed in order of popularity:

Have a phenomenal Labor Day, wherever you are!
— Alexandra
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