BREAKING VIDEO: Confirmation US WAS Running Weapons Through Benghazi to Syria

More bad news for Hillary!

When the US Ambassador to Libya and three others were killed in a terrorist attack on the compound in Benghazi, the Obama administration was running weapons through Benghazi to Syria.

The attack occurred by no coincidence on September 11, 2012,

Fox News reported that the US was sending guns to Banias and Borj Islam, Syria before the Benghazi terrorist attack:

 US Intelligence agencies were fully aware that weapons were moving from the terrorist stronghold in Libya to Syria before the attack that killed four Americans…
September 16, 2012 DIA Memo copied to the National Security Council, CIA, and others concluded the Benghazi terrorist attack was planned at least ten or more days in advance…
The memo also tied the attack to 9-11… No discussion of a demonstration or anti-Mohammad video.
US officials were aware that weapons were being shipped to Syria by the Port of Benghazi

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