Second Amendment Hit Piece Fails Spectacularly

On April 4, The Economist mocked the NRA and Second Amendment supporters with a column that turned out to be an epic fail because it was built on numbers from a debunked Everytown for Gun Safety study, an erroneous claim that “armor piercing” M855 ammo endangers police, and a not-so-veiled attempt to undercut the push to arm women for self-defense on college campuses.

For example, The Economist quoted Everytown’s numbers to claim “there were at least 95 shootings at American schools and colleges” during “the first two years after Newtown.” Based on these numbers, they claimed the shootings resulted in “45 deaths.”

What The Economist failed to note is that some of the school shootings reported by Everytown never even happened. Others were accidental discharges of legally possessed guns in which no one was harmed and still others were accidental discharges of guns students possessed illegally, but which they did not use to commit a “school shooting.”

Breitbart News reported on the Everytown list in December 2014 and showed that one of the shootings actually happened at a “non-school related private function.” The Annapolis Dispatch provided detail on this shooting, explaining that it happened on a house boat and left one person grazed with non-life threatening injuries. Source: Breitbart – See more at:

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