The Highest Ranking Politician who Believes in Aliens

Dear Andy,  

This is a hot-off-the-presses and
explosive interview by WeAreChange’s
Luke Rudkowski with the first and
only cabinet-ranking official from
a G8 nation to have publicly stated
a belief in extraterrestrials: the
impressively sprightly 91-year-old,
The Hon. Paul Hellyer.

Paul Theodore Hellyer, PC is a
Canadian engineer, politician,
writer and commentator who
has had a long and varied career,
which includes having served as
Canada’s Minister of Defense. Hellyer
is the longest-serving current
member of the Privy Council.

Hellyer goes into detail about his
face-to-face meetings between US
officials and of these officials’ direct
experience with extraterrestrials and
about the sharing of alien technology
with humans, under the aegis of US
Black Budget programs.

Hellyer suggests that the reality of
UFOs and aliens and the official secrecy
and the hoarding of information
regarding same, is inextricably tied to
the plans of of a powerful, fascist group
of people, who plan to institute, by
means of extreme force and genocide,
a completely fascist New World Order
(although he does not use that last
term, spcifically).

This is one of the themes of his recently-
released book, ‘The Money Mafia: The
World in Crisis.’ [Much to my surprise,
an FKTV subscriber has informed me
that I am personally cited twice in this
book – so I’ve got to buy it, now!]

He suggests that the full disclosure
of the alien reality on Earth is
something that could help foil the
scale genocidal plans, which
this fascist group
has planned for
the people of Earth.

To this end, Hellyer advocates Amnesty
for all participants in Black Budget
human-alien projects, so that they
can be held immune from the crimes
they were forced to commit while
employed at these jobs and so that they
can come forward without fear of reprisals,
for breaking their oaths of secrecy and
freely share their information about these
projects, which are illegal, in and of
themselves, having been conducted
without any legal oversight, with the
use of US Taxpayer money.

Hellyer also suggests that official ET
disclosure must come sooner, rather
than later, as the current trajectory of
US-dominated geopolitics can only lead
the planet to disaster.

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