Fw: Sky News: “You Can See the Blood on the Ground, Which Has Been Put There”

Dear Andy,  
This evening’s clip is a corollary
to the one broadcast this morning,
captured by the TV channel,
France 24, in which we see that
the Charlie Hebdo “terrorist” either
shot a blank at the cop, who was on
the ground, allegedly wounded and 
defenseless on his back, to receive
the bullet that was aimed at his head, 
at point blank range, to be coldly
“finished off.”
There’s what looks to me an outside
possibility that a real bullet was shot;
but that it missed and bounced off the
sidewalk. However, due to the lack of
any damage to the sidewalk, to say
nothing of the lack of any damage to
the cop’s head, which would have
exploded like a watermelon, from a 
7.32x09mm round shot at point blank 
range and the lack of any sign of blood
produced by the shot, at the time
of the attack, per the footage, after
which the “terrorist” went running back
to the escape vehicle, it appears to me
more likely that the “terrorist’s” AK-47
was loaded with blanks.
(A magazine or more of blanks used in
the Charlie Hebdo incident could raise
questions about the status of the rest of
this shooter’s victims. But we’ll leave
that aside, for now).
In this Sky News broadcast, the presenter
makes a Freudian Slip, when he says: “You 
can see the blood on the ground, which 
has been put there…” The reporter then
corrects his story, “Because of the blood that
was shed there yesterday.”
I’d go with A) “Put there” because we didn’t
see any B) “Blood…shed there,” during the
shooting, wjhich we saw in this morning’s video.
Not a drop.
The intrepid reporter continues, “The spot
where he fell, has already been marked by
candles, by some flowers, which have been
laid here. This area was largely cordoned of
f last night.”
What? So, after a murder, the cops allow
everyone to pass through the area where
a fellow cop was murdered, in cold blood
allowing contamination of the crime scene?
My two cents say that when the cameras
were gone, blood was ladled out upon the
Parisian sidewalk, in order for the mainstream
story to coagulate…
Video (2 mins):

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