John, Wed Nov, 12, 2014 at 1.51 pm MST

We worry not to give false time hopes to the people on any of it. Nor are we Forex Traders or able to advise. Simply to urge caution. Too many false dawns are printed. We can only indicate reality from the front lines, not Blog rooms.
It changes daily.
As of this evening, it is now profiling as delayed until early December. O is out of the picture now, and Biden is the Cabals front line. He will delay as ordered. This is a complex issue needing worldwide cohesion and synergy if its going to run smoothly. For us, to indicate blind hope is cruel if we know otherwise. We are sensitive to the needs of all.,
Nor are we responsible for dates.
What is now profiling is that any possible completion has now been put back into December, and with Xmas holidays before Chinese New Year, it is now probably not going to start before at least April. Sorry, but that is now latest real info as of tonight. For those blindly hoping for Xmas, the sooner you know the better. Truth matters.

One PP block shows hope right now, but we still have to wait to see Cabal games play out. These are sensitive and fraught times. Also we are all dependent upon integrity and release from a Jackal Pack of the worst of all parasites with no shame or human compassion. A step at a time. Nothing is easy or straightforward. Nor does anyone owe anybody.
We have to now protect the PPs with care. Money is very limited, if any are to work. Only limited blocks are possible. These Blog projections of multi Ts are complete fantasy.
All we can give you is balanced and objective truth as events unfold. The Cabal hold all the stacked decks.
Nothing is easy.

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