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Wednesday, June 11, 2014

I have again waited a little while before I send out a note..

I will cover what is happening right now in Iraq and what we can look forward too…..  WE have been waiting for the election results, the reason we are still waiting is because even tho State of Law won the election Maliki cannot get enough vote to put together the largest group of parliament to get and maintain a majority… He needs to get 167 and Maliki at this point is around 100,,,,
Now His opponent which is part of the State of Law is Chalibi…. and he has told the news he can put together 220 which means that Maliki will not be Prime Minister…..

Ok that is setting the game…… Question why did Maliki not pull the RV before the Election….. that was Obama not letting it go and Obama asking Maliki not to…. When the UN, IMF and all got Obama cornered to where he could stop the RV they gave it back to Maliki to do and he started using it for a bargaining chip because it was too close to election to make a difference and he already discovered the State of Law was winning…. and he also knew that he did not have the votes to put together largest block..

OK so now Maliki has discovered he cannot put the largest block together so he has delayed the election results so that it will give him time to bribe as many parliament people as he can until the 15th of June when the existing parliament must leave their post.  That is also when Maliki loses his power as PM and Iraq will put in an interim government……

Now based on the above info what can Maliki do.  He has two options 1..  threaten, bribe, beg enough people to put together the largest coalition….  2. Try to have an emergency and put the Country into a State of emergency…..

As you can see on the news Maliki picked Number 2 because he could not do the first one.  He has caused the trouble in Mosul and other cities and we expect lots more until Friday…. Tomorrow Maliki is asking for the state of emergency if he gets it he will be PM for 30 more days min or until the crisis is over.

So you see what is happening well if we can the UN can and so can the USA they are sending troops back into Iraq which should have never left..Do you remember I have always said that it does not matter about the violence it is about the money and it would not matter if Iraq blew itself up the money will come…. Maliki is fighting for his political life right now and depending on the meeting tomorrow will determine if he has a chance or not.

Now what does that do with our Money…… If Maliki does not get the state of emergency he will know that he is gone and there will be nothing he can do at this point to salvage his political career… and we believe that he will pull the trigger on the money a few hours before he loses total control… which is by Sunday the 15th…  IF he gets the state of emergency then sometime between tomorrow and the 30 days he will need it to bribe enough votes to garnish the largest votes.

So that is the picture…. so between now and Monday is looking good and if not then.  We are looking within the next 30 days…..  I believe that we have a very good chance for now until sunday…  again if I could get them to listen to me then i would be rich already but that is not the case..

Do not worry about the fighting it will not last long.  IF Maliki gets state of emergency then do not look for it this week or the next 2 but I do not believe he will get it…. I believe that parliament will go ahead and announce Chalibi as the next candidate and we will be very happy by Tues next week…. Lets pray for that to happen.



Check www.cbi.iq  every day to see if it has changed… do not take a guru or a post about in country RV or any thing else do not be fooled just check the CBI

Do not let your emotions get to you.

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