Is Snowden authentic?

This from Jim Stone

June 4 2014

 Is Snowden authentic?

There are numerous shill reports out there now, shilling against Snowden, saying the NSA is compartmentalized and there is no way Snowden could have gotten access to so many files from so many places in the NSA, after all it’s not easy to steal files from the NSA, is it?

Having worked for the NSA, I can confirm that it in fact would be if you were in the correct position. I am only saying this to address the shills out there in the MSM and even alternative media now who are saying it can’t be done. WELL, IT CAN. Here is how.

The NSA switched over a lot of the work from centralized computers to standalone workstations in the late 80’s and going into the 90´s through today. This was done on ordinary computers you could get at Best Buy. And they used the AMI bios (and others, but AMI was very common).

In the bios you have options. Boot from CD, boot from USB, boot from HDD0 ect. So all Snowden would have had to do is smuggle in a flash drive with Linux Live loaded on it, and if he worked in maintenance (his actual position was unclear here,) NOT! it would have allowed him to get private access to any machine in the facility. You have to be allowed this access to do any maintenance with a computer. And I know when I was there the bios passwords were not set, and they really can’t be from a maintenance perspective, sometimes you HAVE TO get in there. This means that in a maintenance position you could just go into the bios, set it to boot from USB, plug in a fingernail sized card reader with a 32 gig micro SD card and linux live loaded onto it, and when you start that computer, it will boot to Linux and from there you can rape anything you want. The NSA would not find a fingernail sized card reader on anyone, it’s just too small and for expedience they can’t look that close, you just wave your badge in front of the scanner, they might check any bags or briefcases you are carrying and you are in or out.

Obviously Linux Live leaves no trace at all. And if the NSA removed the USB ports to prevent this, all it would then take is to bring a second hard drive in (if you worked maintenance, which Snowden did) and have Linux loaded on that, make it HDD0, boot linux and rape the machine that way. A little more work, but not too much more for anyone in the know, the difference would be about 45 seconds. Since Snowden reportedly had it all on flash drives, I doubt he had to take this step.

For expediency none of the bios passwords are set, so even if Snowden did not work maintenance (which he did) this is how it would be done anyway. At least this would have been possible when I was there. The facilities are large, and not all areas are manned at all times. So all Snowden would have had to do if he did not work maintenance is pay attention to when people would be in an area, and in the off shifts just go over and rape them. It’s that simple. Once you get through security things get easy, your security clearance really does pretty much do it all.

You are never limited to a specific area once you get your clearance. You can walk through all of them to get to the operation floor snack table or anywhere else you want to go if you can state even the most tenuous reason, and you won’t be asked anyway, your badge is basically a free pass.

This is why I never called B.S. on Snowden, screwing an American intelligence agency once inside would actually be quite easy to do. I call B.S. on those who are calling B.S. on Snowden, anyone why says it is not possible has either never been there or a shill.

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