Who told you that?

Thanks, Bill.

Words from my long time friend Bill W, reply below and I’ll get you in touch with him.

Who told you that?


Do you ever question who told you that when things do not seem to go your way? Who told you that when things do go your way? Who told you that is a very important question that most of us do not ask ourselves. Someone else told some of the very foundations of things we believe to be true to us. Do you ever question this?

Can they be just telling us some things that someone else told them? It could be, you know, that just like they said the earth was flat only a few hundred years ago.


Mans’ accumulated knowledge is doubling so fast now we cannot even keep track of it. I found this question “who told me that and by what authority do they speak” to be a very powerful influence in my awakening. I refer to my spiritual awakening, which seems to be more awakenings bit by bit as I listen. Who told me that? Was it the still small voice? Was it someone screaming in my face that I should accept his or her way? Pursuit of the truth has become an inside job for me. I no longer rely on what “they” say. I did that for a very long time.


 I remember believing in Santa Claus and I remember when they told me it was fantasy. I remember believing I would go to some place called hell if I ate meat on Fridays. I could buy my way out with a few plenary indulgences of course. God, out there somewhere, was watching me and keeping track. I believed I had to pray to God so he would change things for me. God please give me a little red wagon. The preceding words are not meant to be critical of anyone’s spiritual beliefs. I would re-iterate here that I am dedicated to the spiritual freedom of everyone on the planet.


 The subject here is who told you that and on what authority. All authority comes from the One and is the One and that One lives in you and I. No man woman or child or saint or sinner can intercede for me with which is already me. God is expressing Itself as me and as you. I believe that, in fact I believe that came to me in the Silence.

Who told me that? The Higher Self that is my True Self?

 No one can block your communication with God except you. I share only my experience nothing else. I started out by telling God I would like to get to know Him. I asked Him to reveal Himself to me today. I still do this daily and I see Him in “Just You”. He is not out there in His heaven. He is in there, in “Just You” and every one you can see and everything you can see. He is in all you cannot see as well. Listen, listen today, get still He has something to tell you. Then when someone asks you “Who told you that”? You can smile and they will know. Do not try to tell them. Keep your secret safe. Those who do not know will try to convince you their way.

“Just You”



2 responses to “Who told you that?

  1. Joseph Ripple

    God Bless you Bill,may he always continue to do so.


  2. Hi Joe, Bill W. is one of us.


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