The Dinar / Dong Great Public Gamble is Tottering

Friday, May 23, 2014

Is it all heading into Limbo Land until October plus for the Public deals now?

Some of the the Private Placements have new momentum, but the RVs and WGS right now are profiling as zero moving, apart from Political abusers betraying all yet again. All momentum currently seems being lost for Public help or aid. Indications and promises again are failing. The big question is and will always be the same, fund with what? For Investor /Speculators this is very confusing market, because the trade outs for the organized private groups may differ greatly with those for ordinary Public members. Each may not get the same, or some, even at all. For the Public it’s like trying to be a one handed Juggler. Good news for one side is not necessarily inclusive for all. It is not a regulated market, and highly erratic right now. All eventualities need to be considered. Plan for the worst and hope for the best, but plan. Silly Season is almost here, and all the confusion, delays and failures which go with it. Guru promises fail monthly, creating a false sense of reality and blind hope and their desperation overrides clear evidence of neither liquidity no intent for many. Even worse, this presumption, we are entitled. Why? Paid by who? For what? If you are just public speculators and not part of the Special Tier or Private Placement Battalions, you may still be ambulance chasing a dream with so many Dinars issued, but good luck and hope not. However, in the big picture, in the hands of good Patriots, the Special Tier or Private Placements coming along can still make a big difference and help nations. Many good Patriots do care. However, so far the Public market seems far behind with real issues. Before the howls and the Soothers thrown out of the prams, no one apart from Gurus promised anything and we are simply disseminating hard perceptions as applicable in time. We all know what if, but what if not? It never was an automatic right to print money. High return speculations carry risks and stress. Also, competing interests of the Big Beasts, who if left uncontested, will swallow it all. You have a voice, use it. Demand fair opportunities for all. You matter and it’s time Your Representatives start to Represent YOU! Exposure they fear. You are NOT alone and voices are lobbying for you all. In the old time honored DC way, they have been filling their own pockets and looting the store, leaving nothing for you. But if, as alleged, hundreds of Ts were printed to sell to a World market buying on Blind Trust, then there would be a problem. But, for actual volumes, first ascertain, “what is truth?”. If in fact it were shown to be vast T’s, not just innuendo, then it’s a real issue. 

There is no such money available and we deal with it daily. Do you credit Finance Ministers or Gurus higher? Read up on the South Sea Bubble. Reality is tough love. At least think now – What if it fails for you? What then? Another South Sea Bubble collapse! Just balance your portfolios and spread risks with care. We have alluded to you how to do it because we do care. Dongs are not such high risk. One will carry the other. So get those Soothers under control, quit whining and and act as a Pro. To us, the research sample we did recently between both sites, showed how many are listening, and that was a sobering reality where we are helping and the two sites can make a difference. These sites ARE the only voices you have got. Free and with good conscience trying for all of you. It concerns us greatly that too many well meaning and desperate people are trying to make their life changing decisions on something which for so many might never happen if not done right. The Dinar Public numbers just don’t add up and that should worry you. This is not about killing dreams or blind hope, but saying, “Where is Your Plan B if this Dinar funny money fantasy game fails?”. Note this is JUST Dinars concerning us so greatly. It just does not stack up. Think out another life in case. Because right now, based on the only visible evidence, there seems no current plan or intent to pay many small Investor Dinarians bar the Special Tier or Big Battalions, just to leave you all to die away. Take heed, there is no free lunch! Where is your safety plan and escape route if needed? Balance – those- Portfolios. This is priceless dual site help for you. Think. Act. It’s not all bleak and there are some smart steps you can take. Use your heads and steer it. Dongs are not carrying the warts and hairs of Dinar land. Only the Dinars in volumes and Zims so far are circumspect as hell.

Where is Justice for the Political slimebags, Texan Mafia and Agencies who used their Patronage of Office for SKRs to be issued via Houston for their own holdings, which have been leveraged and mass trading for weeks, siphoning up profits and capital, with it all wired to their Illegal Offshore Bank Accounts, leaving only you, the little people, to fund America. Where is Truth or Justice in America. Will any money be left for you? Watch the Dinar risk. Spread those bets. So how can we best serve the interests of the many parties, to cross the bridge between blind hope and reality? We DO understand the needs of the desperate and those down and out. All we can seek to achieve, with full respect and empathy for all, is to assist you weigh objectively all the key parallel activities in play, to help you make more objective personal decisions. You are all playing blind against a stacked deck here, being mass manipulated by some of the most Venal and Self Serving Villains ever to hold office or power. Corruption is endemic. The Dinarian market is the most exposed and highest risk of all, with no valid redeeming evidence to gamble against what appear to be insurmountable odds. Daily Dinar Guru Reports are issued based on fatuous fantasy. People who can ill afford it are borrowing and buying into it at rates massively marked up. Shop between Banks, do not get ripped off. You chose these gambles, but not the well-educated and experienced Bank Foreign Exchange Officers, for which none of it makes sense in view of unsupportable volumes printed. So those who do know what they are doing, chose not to do it, because most see a potential train wreck written all over it for small buyers. Look past the hype and quantify the risk. Each week ever more gruesome failed projections and fantasy news. Hype!

Where is the vast indicated Bail Out Money needed for so many Dinars coming from? It does not exist! Think and stop escapism dreaming. The US Treasury is broke. Spent up on Cabal Wars, and wasteful Welfare. This Welfare itself HAS TO STOP! The compounding Debt is killing America. Then enslaving working Americans in generation of needless and unfair Tax Liabilities. As c50% of Americans now are costly Welfare Dependencies, allowing them Free and wasteful Democratic Votes as non-contributors is naive at best and needs reviewing. What part of You Don’t Pay In, You Don’t Have a Say In, is too had to get through?  IT – WON’T – WORK!

THERE – IS – NO – FREE – WELFARE! Welfare IS NOT A RIGHT, it’s a luxury which the US can no longer afford. The country cannot go on printing money for this unsustainable nightmare. No one is OWED! No county can run an economy with so high a Welfare dependency. The US is tottering into Bankruptcy. Buying Votes from unemployed non contributors is insanity. So how can they fund Dinarian hopes? Why? With respect to all, this plethora of claims of who’s going to re-establish new growth based on other people’s money is just a pipe dream. Delusional. In a world which has no spare money left, where Bank liquidity is at crisis point, where is the capital to rescue even key area needs via proven Professionals? The Political system has failed, and with reckless G7 knee jerk moves more likely to drive up energy prices, where is the rationale to hope for anything? Guru and Blogger sites abound, all too many offering or propounding unworldly rescues questioning either their hidden agendas or simply moronic naivety.



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