Thanks M.

If you notice, they change what they call movements thinking that they can create a disconnect in what they are doing.  Remember Zionism started Marxism which went to Communism then to Socialism.  I am not sure what they are calling Socialism these days but it is all absolute government control.  This is not the government that We, the People, created.  This is a self-serving and corporate/banking government.  The ‘Created’ CAN NEVER HAVE MORE POWER OR AUTHORITY THAN THE CREATOR!!  We, the People, created the government.  This existing government has morphed into a satanic overlord and only We, the People, can change it.  If you think the government is going to downsize or reduce its control in any way, you are a moron!!  Listen closely to what the General says here.  You will come to realize why all the agencies, Homeland Security, the IRS, the Post Office (?), Dept of Agriculture and all the rest of the agencies not duly authorized by the Constitution, are getting armed.  Obama is amassing his own army via his unConstitutional agencies–his army to use against We, the People.  There is a lot of insanity going on and only one way to stop it.  They are not going to stop themselves.  M

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