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More From The Top


We will update you later today on Dong / Dinar moves playing out as attempts are being made to re launch again from next week.

This WILL be orchestrated via a number of organized Private Placement only exchanges being contemplated first. For the rest it will be a case of Dog eat Dog in the free far all likely to follow. with the screams of “What about me? ” from vast armies of left behind. Between ourselves and WHA we will try to advise when the facts are clear, but we continue each day, communicating between Beijing, Taipei, Hong Kong, London, Washington, and overlapping with our parties from Reno to the East Coast as we push for closure. 

Many Good Men (and Women) are Globally committed in unison trying to get the first stages released. 

Cashing out is YOUR own responsibility. You got yourselves into it and will have to get yourselves out of it finding your own conversion cash out exit. 5 million Banshees screaming what about me will not be a pretty site as chaos envelopes those left behind. As the Irish would say, Eejits  [Irish slang for “idiots”] will get killed in the Bums Rush once the signal is given. Those who do read daily will be ahead of the pack. Wait and your dead bait. One fault then, yours. The crumbs will be left so go for them fast. Damned big crumbs for those moving their Butts. It will be first come first served and lose the rest as overproduction waste. 

Cash in and get out fast because this won’t last. Chaos will follow. Think of a Sty at feeding time around the trough! Welcome to Dong and Dinar land. For those cashing out, well done. The rest, life?  As always, there are no absolutes and they may move the closings yet again but stay alert now. Snooze and lose. Good luck so be ready. All we can do is advise AFTER the PPs are done. Sure as hell not before. Ignore the usual lunatic sites nothing has happened, but if it triggers after Phase One we will advise when safe to do so once the PP.s are cleared safely. 

Maybe a few will get lucky this time. Good luck to all of you, you can but try.


The above words, from John at One World of Nations, were posted today. I thought it would be best to post this as a new FC since the information comes from a known player; way, way up the ladder and someone identified as knowing the lay of the land. I know a lot of you would appreciate seeing some corroboration on the main idea we have been trying to make very clear to those of you with dinar and dong: Act quickly. 

We know many of you take exception to his abrasive style, but we would recommend that you head the words, warts and all. Let us focus on the matters of relevance and sharing what will do the most good for those that are fortunate enough to have found the right place to be so they may be properly informed.  

We will amend this post with any follow-up information as mentioned above, good or bad.

I can truly say that after careful observation of the process, I think that the main reason we have seen so much confusing “intel” over the years, along with so many missed deadlines, is simply because of one thing: The effort to release it all being pushed against by the counter efforts of others. These efforts, back and forth, take on a process that creates massive waves of information that travels over multiple relay points, losing details and accuracy along the way. Additionally, as that information becomes distorted, it then also becomes stale and outdated by virtue of sudden changes at the source point. You can only imagine the confusion that can result from this process.  

Please continue to remember those that are working and sacrificing much to push these projects forward to completion.




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