Tracking chemtrail flights



Dear Andy,  

  Here’s a video by someone who has discovered the area on the FAA’s registry website, who was able to find a fleet of aircraft, which are unquestionably and officially dedicated to weather modification, according to the FAA’s own website – and by the name of the operator of the fleet, itself.
You can track these planes which are solely dedicated to the spraying of chemtrails by first googling ‘FAA “N” Numbers.’ When you arrive on that page, which is one of the top results, click on “Name,” on the left hand menu, which, directs you to a page with an empty field.
When you input the words “weather mod”, as the narrator does, it reveals a list of aircraft produced by Cessna, Piper and Lockheed, etc. which appear to all be owned by a corporation called “Weather Modification, Inc.”, with most of these planes either departing from or arriving to Hector International Airport, in Fargo, North Dakota.
Drilling down further, the narrator says that by copying the numbers in the far left column of the FAA page and adding an “N” to the front of the numbers listed and then entering that “N” number to the search field on a separate website called, on the left, down toward the middle of the page, the field called “Track Flight” (BY TAIL#), you will be directed to the latest trajectory of that particular plane.
I found the most recent flight of the plane he demoed in this video and found only a very prosaic direct flight, 3/4 of the way across the State of North Dakota, with no suspicious, chemtrail-y loops.
So then, I decided to go for the gold and tried to check the trajectory of the Raytheon craft number B200 – but my result on was: “This aircraft (N840U) is not available for public tracking per request from the owner/operator.”
As for the Lockheed jet listed under Weather Modification, Inc., the result was: “FlightAware couldn’t find flight tracking data for N57496 just yet.”
So I tried once again, with a very lowly Cessna, with the oldest serial number in the fleet. Once again, it showed a very prosaic, direct flight from Hector Airport to Litchfield Airport in Minnesota.
It could be that with the North Pole, now newly- located in that area, there is little need for chemtrailing this week!   In his case, the function of the flight he chose was readily demonstrated by its loopy flight pattern of and by characteristics in their flight itineraries.
Anyway, you can try this for yourselves, now! You might have better luck when the weather warms up.

(Video: under 3 mins): 
– Alexandra 

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