Tuesday, March 4, 2014


Subject: RARE FILM FROM 1932
You would like to think this couldn’t happen again, but it could.  History, has a way of repeating itself. How many of you were aware of the march on  Washington in 1932? Would US troops attack its own people if ordered? You bet, see what they do to WW1 veterans, tanks tear gas, bayonets, fire. An interesting slice of history that I wanted to share. An eye opening Video, that few today, have ever seen. 
Posted by John MacHaffie at 4:25 PM

1 comment:

  1. They even did MUCH worse after WW2, by letting in… OUR country…over 25,000 Nazis into KEY positions all over this country…In effect making ALL the soldiers lives that were lost fighting the Nazis, a TOTAL LOSE…THEY MIGHT AS WELL JUST COMMITTED SUICIDE…rather than go and fight for a country that betrayed them…ALL WARS ARE “BANKER WARS” for pure Profit!!!

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